Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano is a site where you join a room, chat, and play music with other people.

MPP is like a home to me. I learned how to script and interact with the web there, and it feels like one of those corners of the internet that you just don’t know why it feels satisfying to interact with.

Back in the day, it used to be full of life. Back when the main domain was still multiplayerpiano.com and not one of my friend’s clones of the site, there were so many people messing with bots and scripts that would interact with the chat and the piano in ways that felt truly groundbreaking. There used to be a bot that could write letters on the piano, and that was amazing then.

Since then, MPP has taken a turn for the worse, but my scripts and bots have improved. Since then, I made countless strange and wonderful things, like a Gameboy emulator that draws to a custom drawing script where everyone in the same room can see your drawing. I also ported the drawing script.

The site, however, hasn’t had such a nice history. Multiplayer Piano was sold in October 2020 to some jackass “entrepreneur” who thinks he can just turn it into a blog. The original WebSocket server isn’t even up anymore, a clone of it is being hosted by my friends and this jackass is just mirroring their site files.

The main site now has some… issues, to say the least. This guy put ads and giant links with inline CSS on the page as if it doesn’t matter. I tried to contact him, but he is insisitent on not talking to anyone. I was banned from the official Discord server for a reason I don’t even understand.

Although a lot of annoyances have happened, the good news is that the site is still somewhat intact. The new site is mppclone.com, and it’s fairly updated to work with new web standards and QOL features have been added, some of which by myself.

The community is the worst part. In this current day, it is a total cest pit of roleplaying 13 year olds. It’s the worst shit I’ve ever seen. I have lost all hope for the future generations. These kids can’t even be respectful online. Today, I was banned from a channel for 300 minutes for saying “nord vpn” in chat. It’s truly some of the worst moderation I’ve ever seen.

I’ve made my own clone as well with some personal tweaks. My admin tools are better than MPPClone’s ever will be. They don’t even implement the original protocol correctly. They don’t even have the original user flags. I can control any part of my site, backend or frontend, from a web console. All they have are special buttons that get enabled when the server sends your rank to you.

Ultimately, while MPPClone is nice to have to keep the community around, I really don’t think the community should be around anymore because of the drooling childrens that flooded it. All of my friends left the site. Most of them are completely offline now. I seem to be the only person who still regularly visits the site, even out of the official admins for the site.