Hello! My username is Hri7566. I currently have no job and I am struggling to survive as a hobbyist developer. I make websites and miscellaneous apps and tools completely for fun and I have earned just about nothing for my work. I like to use Next.js most of the time, but I have recently taken a liking towards Astro. As a matter of fact, this very site was migrated from Next to Astro!

If you would like to talk, you can contact me on Discord. You can try my Gmail or Twitter, but I don't check those as often. I check Discord just about hourly, so that's why I suggest it. Also, I tend to reply to a lot of YouTube comments within a day or two.

I'm a major contributor (debatably) to MPP/MPP.net and have created many scripts and projects centered around it. You can read more about it here.









@Hri7566 | User ID: 2294970







MPP.net IDs

ead940199c7d9717e5149919 a2516b4d88f22b45056f270b 85da6b358674e720efa05b71


Q: What is this "MPP" thing you keep talking about?

It's a website I made a lot of scripts for in the past. It's an online piano in the corner of the internet that interesting people used to be in. More info here.

Q: Why is your MPP server down?

A: It goes down a lot, it's old and buggy.

Q: What is your real name?

A: That's a little personal... but you can call me Ethan.

Q: What does your username mean?

A: I'm not really sure, it's older than me.

Q: What is that supposed to mean?

A: I'm not the one who made the first account with that name, but I knew the guy who did. He's not around anymore.

Q: What games do you play?

A: Minecraft and whatever is in my steam library

Q: I'm from SC3. What do you own?

A: I own XCL, which owns XNL.

Q: What happened to the background on this site?

A: It was suggested by a few people that I remove it. I like the darkness, anyways.

Q: I'm part of your family and you sent a link to me. What is this stuff?

A: It's what I do in my free time.

Q: What runs this website?

A: Astro